Photos from a one-day adventure in Tucson, Arizona - one of the most beautiful places on Earth if you stop and look around! 
Below are a few photos of renewable energy sites powering a cleaner future in the U.S. 
Below are photos from a zip through the San Diego Zoo - a place where it was evident that conservation is their true mission, and scientists are doing a great job protecting vulnerable species. Naturally, I had a hard time looking at the caged-in species, so I focused on funky plants and curious critters. I am proud of the work there, though. Not all zoos are the quite as conservation-minded. 
These were all taken during my stay at the National Conservation Training Center, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. A place FULL of native vegetation, happy pollinators, deer, and rabbits. 
Florida ain't so bad either! See below for shots from home. I'm not ALWAYS underwater surprisingly!
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